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Cheap imsouane car hire: Imsouane beach

Immesouane, or Imsouane, is a rural municipality in Agadir Ida-Outanane Prefecture, in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco. It does not have an urban center but its capital is a village of the same name.

The rural commune of Imsouane is located in the heart of Tamri, which is located within the circle of Agadir-Atlantique.

Since the 70s, when some surfers and hippies fell in love with this little « end of the world », Imessouane has never stopped welcoming travelers from all over the world in search of change of scenery. The atmosphere of the village is conducive to disconnection, walks and surfing in a magnificent natural setting, far from the effervescence of big cities.
The troglodyte village perched on the beach, has kept its typical charm, vestige of a bygone era, when only a few fishermen and rare tourists were staying in Imessouane.

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Car hire imsouane Port

It is a sheltered bay, with a tongue of land advancing in the Atlantic Ocean with mild temperatures even in winter, the bay of Imsouane is a small artisanal fishing port that one discovers agreeably at the turning of d ‘ A secondary road. Geographically, Imsouane (or Imesouane) is located on a wild coast in equidistance between Essaouira (almost 90 km) and Agadir (just over 80 km) about an hour by car. Unconditional hikers will be served with wild tourist trails, stunning views of creeks overlooking rocks of amazing shapes. Fishing is the main activity of the inhabitants of Imsouane.44035_12-300x188 Car hire imsouane

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